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Yes, you can have 3, 8 or 10 accounts directly to your name, before you do that you must be sure you can refer 3 each under the rest accounts, else you will find it difficult to grow, But if you do and manage your accounts to have 3 each, then you will enjoy multiple referral bonuses and bonuses, above all it will cause massive spill-under in your matrix making it fill faster..
You register and join Extreme Gold Inc for FREE, but you pay one-time little investment of $25 to start earning. You get referral bonus of 25% ($6) on each of your referral and $2 from spill-over and spill-under apart from the major earnings opportunity provided by us.
You refer someone by having them join Extreme Gold through your referral link on ExtremeGold website.
Depending on your country, you could make payment or receive payments from us through Direct bank deposit, Master or Visa Card payment and ExtremeGold E-Wallet.
When you become a member, inside our portal you will see a link withdraw earning and instantly it is processed and deposited into your bank account..
We accept Perfect Money, Egopay,Payza,Money Booker only for now and extremegold ewallet. More payment processor will be added soon including our customized ExtremeGold Debit Card. Please contact us regarding any of the above..