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What you need to know about us
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Extreme Gold Inc is an empowerment home based membership programme. We offer our member a specially designed online business that equips members financially and provides them with the opportunity to have a steady growing source of income.

The whole idea was conceived out of passion for helping others by some Europeans who after residing for a long period in Africa and Asia, witnessed firsthand the level of poverty resulting from lack of employment, poor housing, inadequate health care provisions, death of essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity, that could induce investments that would create job opportunities.

We form an empowerment based membership programme, (a Non Governmental Organization) with the objective of reducing the rate of unemployment, change lives by looking into what one can do, instruct one and get one moving, thereby helping to achieve ones dream(s).

We empower people that are constrained financially in their interest areas of business and we specialize in supporting and helping people achieve "The Golden Life"

Our other services include:

  • Touch the lives of less privileged
  • Give our members better life style and change their life for good
  • Empower our members, their businesses and the people around them
  • Provide humanitarian services to members and non members
  • Trade and skill acquisition
  • Asset and property support
  • Financial empowerment services
  • Educational support services
  • Real Estate services
  • Oil and Gas services

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